Past Market Report

August 25th, 2017

September 15, 2017

Regular Sale – 199 hd

Feeder SteersFeeder HeifersFeeder Bulls
0-299 lbs--0-299 lbs--0-299 lbs--
300-349 lbs--300-349 lbs--300-400 lbs--
350-399 lbs--350-399 lbs--401-500 lbs--
400-449 lbs--400-449 lbs--501-600 lbs--
450-499 lbs--450-499 lbs--601-700 lbs--
500-549 lbs--500-549 lbs--701-800 lbs--
550-599 lbs--550-599 lbs--801-900 lbs--
600-649 lbs--600-649 lbs--901-1000 lbs--
650-699 lbs--650-699 lbs--1001-1100 lbs--
700-749 lbs--700-749 lbs--1101-1200 lbs--
750-799 lbs--750-799 lbs--1201-1300 lbs--
800-849 lbs--800-849 lbs--
850-899 lbs--850-899 lbs--
900-950 lbs--900-950 lbs--
951-1000 lbs--951-1000 lbs--
1001-1050 lbs--1001-1100 lbs--
1051-1100 lbs--1101-1200 lbs--
1101-1150 lbs--1201-1400 lbs--
1151-1200 lbs--
1201-1400 lbs--
D1 & D2 Cows80.0088.50Bologna Bulls (<2000 lbs)96.50105.00Good Cow/Calf Pairs--
D3 & D4 Cows70.0085.00Butcher Bulls (>2000 lbs)96.50105.00Medium Cow/Calf Pairs--
Feeder Cows--Good Cow/calf PairOlder Cow/Calf Pairs--
Medium Cow/Calf Pair--

Butcher cows and bulls both sold lower than last weeks sales.

Very light run of feeder cattle however the market remains strong on yearlings and calves.

Expecting 800 to 1000 yearlings and calves Next Friday Septemeber 22.

For more information contact PLE @ 780-753-2369

Next Presort and Regular Sale Friday at 9am

See you next Friday.

Jerry Hewson