New Market Report

September 1st, 2017

September 22, 2017

Presort and Regular Sale - 1551 hd

Feeder SteersFeeder HeifersFeeder Bulls
0-299 lbs210.00283.000-299 lbs200.00202.500-299 lbs--
300-349 lbs230.00283.00300-349 lbs199.00206.00300-400 lbs230.00251.00
350-399 lbs230.00236.00350-399 lbs199.00206.00401-500 lbs200.00205.00
400-449 lbs224.00236.00400-449 lbs184.00207.00501-600 lbs195.00205.00
450-499 lbs212.00236.00450-499 lbs180.00203.75601-700 lbs194.00205.00
500-549 lbs215.00233.00500-549 lbs175.00198.50701-800 lbs170.00192.00
550-599 lbs210.00225.50550-599 lbs170.00196.75801-900 lbs--
600-649 lbs206.00222.50600-649 lbs170.00196.75901-1000 lbs--
650-699 lbs203.00221.50650-699 lbs170.00196.751001-1100 lbs130.00144.00
700-749 lbs202.00221.00700-749 lbs178.00192.751101-1200 lbs--
750-799 lbs196.25214.50750-799 lbs175.00191.001201-1300 lbs--
800-849 lbs195.00209.50800-849 lbs170.00191.00
850-899 lbs187.00204.00850-899 lbs165.00183.50
900-950 lbs180.00197.00900-950 lbs168.00180.00
951-1000 lbs166.00185.00951-1000 lbs168.00180.00
1001-1050 lbs172.25183.751001-1100 lbs160.00174.75
1051-1100 lbs170.00172.251101-1200 lbs150.00159.00
1101-1150 lbs160.00162.001201-1400 lbs150.00159.00
1151-1200 lbs150.00162.00
1201-1400 lbs--
D1 & D2 Cows80.0093.75Bologna Bulls (<2000 lbs)89.00120.00Good Cow/Calf Pairs--
D3 & D4 Cows70.0089.00Butcher Bulls (>2000 lbs)85.00114.75Medium Cow/Calf Pairs--
Feeder Cows85.00100.00Good Cow/calf PairOlder Cow/Calf Pairs--
Medium Cow/Calf Pair--

Butcher cows and bulls both sold 4 to 5 dollars stronger.

All classes of claves and yearlings sold exceptionally well at values higher than last weeks sales with lots of buyer action.

For more information contact PLE @ 780-753-2369

Next Presort and Regular Sale Friday at 9am

Have a good weekend.

See you next Friday.

Jerry Hewson