Provost Livestock Exchange is located in the progressive town of Provost, Alberta, which is 85 miles south of Lloydminster.  Provost Livestock Exchange handles over 90,000 head of cattle a year, and the five fieldmen cover the market needs of Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan.  Fridays are regular sale days with buyers and sellers from Alberta and Saskatchewan congregating at Provost, making Friday the busiest day of the week for the town’s merchants.

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As of July 1st,  2010, ALL CATTLE must have RFID tags.  Dangle tags are no longer acceptable in any cattle. 
If you have any question or concerns regarding this, please call Provost Livestock Exchange at 780-753-2369.


It is now mandatory for all Alberta calves born in 2009 to be Age Verified.  It is not yet mandatory for Saskatchewan cattle to be Age Verified.  There is no doubt that in the near future it will also be mandatory in Saskatchewan as to harmonize the poicies concerning age verification between the two provinces, as well as Canada.
Age Verification is simple and free.  As a producer you have a few options to age verify your cattle.
  1. You can age verify your calves yourself by going onto the ccia website at www.canadaid.ca and following the instructions listed on your screen.
  2. Contact Jenni Etherington;  a ccia mobile field representative.  Jenni is available  at Provost Livestock Exchange most Fridays.  You can also contact her at jenni@canadaid.ca or call her direct at (403) 988-8946 and she would be happy to age verify your calves for you at absolutely no cost to you.
  3. Call  Provost Livestock (780)753-2369 and we would be happy to  assist you.
It is strongly encouraged that all producers seriously consider age-verifying their calves.