Presort & Regular Sale Friday, February 16 @ 9:00AM.

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Royce Viklund – 60 BLK & BWF & BBF  Bred Black Angus Creech Bulls -Turned out June 20th  Consisiting of:  20 Heifers,  20 2nd Calvers,  20 3rd to 6th Calvers                                                 Full Vaccination Program, IBR, Bovi-Shield Gold OneShot, 8-Way, Anthrax, Ivomec & 2:1 Free Choice Mineral



Dean Manning – 20 Cows      Bred Simmental  –    June 1st to August 4th                                        Full Vaccination Program, Bovi-Shield Gold, Ultra Choice 8, & 1st Round of Scour Boss



Reid McLeod – 70 First Calf Heifers Consisting of:                                                                                                                     -55 Charolais Heifers    Bred to Low Birthweight Red Gelbvieh                                                                                              -15 Black Heifers     Bred to Low Birthweight Black Angus                         Bulls Turned out June 15th                      Full Herd Health & Mineral Program



Andy Zacharias – 30 Red Angus 2nd Calvers                                                                                                                                  Bred Red Angus & H2 Mack Creech Bulls   June 20th


Brad McCubbing – 44 Bred Simmental Cross Heifers Consisting of: 28 Red & 16 Black                    Bred Black Angus Bulls June 9th




Blake Jeffries: 140 Black Angus Heifers    50% from One Ranch       Bred to Low Birth Weight Black Angus Bulls From Sandy Bar Angus  Turned out June 28th, Pulled September 15th.     Ivomeced in the Fall




Cromerty Land & Cattle: 25 Black Simmental Cross Heifers   Bred June 12 Black Angus Bulls  



Complete Herd Dispersal for the Estate of Robert Murray: 60 Red & Black Angus Cows Bred Black Angus Bulls July 1st


Built Right Bull Sale on March 6th

Replacement Heifer & Last Chance Bull Sale on March 14th

Adair Bull & Female Sale on March 21st


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Provost Livestock Exchange is located in the progressive town of Provost, Alberta, which is 85 miles south of Lloydminster.  Provost Livestock Exchange handles over 90,000 head of cattle a year, and the five fieldmen cover the market needs of Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan.  Fridays are regular sale days with buyers and sellers from Alberta and Saskatchewan congregating at Provost, making Friday the busiest day of the week for the town’s merchants.

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