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Bred Heifer & Stock Cow Sale  Wednesday’s : Dec.13, Dec.20 @ Noon 



December 13, 2017 — Bred Heifer & Stock Cow Sale

Ruffneck Welding (Kevin Marten) -  50 Tan/ Red & RBF Heifers.  Bred to low Birth Weight Red Angus Bulls starting June 20th for 7 weeks.

                     - Heifers have had vaccinations last fall. 8 Way and Blackleg. 






Worobo Farms -  Complete Dispersal of 220 Cows

                     - Consisting of Red & RBF Simmental Cross   &   Black & BBF Simmental Cross

                    – Bred to mostly Black Angus Bulls with one Black Simmental & one Red Simmental Bull

                    – Bulls turned in June 23rd.    Cows on Full Health Program Every Spring.





Israelson Farms - Complete Dispersal

- 32 Black & BBF Heifers —–Bred to Low Birth Weight MJT Black Angus Bulls On June 21st

- 90 Black & BBF & BWF Cows  Consisting of 30 Second Calvers, 23 Third/Fourth Calvers, and

37 Fifth/Sixth Calvers—–Bred to MJT Black Bulls June 21st

- Cows have had Bovi-Shield Gold, UltraChoice 8 and Ivomec in the Spring

- Great set of Black Hided Cows Originated from Top Notch Hereford & Black Angus Genetics





Bruce Scherr & Lorna Kuntz - Complete Dispersal

- 63 Home Raised Tan, Red, RBF & Black Heifers—–Bred to Low Birth Weight Red Limousin Bulls June 1st

                 -> April 25th Heifers Received: Express 5 Live Vaccine & Fermicon 7/ Somnugen

- 37 Home Raised Black & Red Simmental Cross Cows —-Bred to Black Simmental Bulls May 27-July 14 and Red Limousin Bulls July 14th and forward

                ->February 4 Cows Received: Vira Shield 6, ScourBoss 9, and Vitamin ADE shots

Heifers Pictures




 Cow Pictures





Clay Patton -  30 Tan & TBF  —  5  White Charolais Heifers

                     -Bred to Low Birthweight Red Angus Bull June 15th

                     - Vista Once & 7 Way Last Fall —– Express 5 & Ivomec In the Spring





DBS Farms -  50 Red, RBF, & RWF Heifers

                     -Bred to Easy Calving Red & Black Angus Bulls June 20th

                     - Full Herd Health Program in the Spring




Neil Scammel -  25 Red & Red Brockle Face Heifers (3 Black)

                     -Nice set of Red Angus Simmental Cross Heifers

                    -Bred to Red and Black Angus Bulls June 1st

                     - Full Herd Health Program in the Spring




Rick Cromerty -  30 Red & Red Brockle Face Simmental Cross Heifers

                     -Fancy set of Heifers with Good Frame & Hair

                    -Bred to Red Angus Bulls July 1st to Mid October

                     - Full Herd Health Program in the Spring





Joe & Doris Gerein -  Complete Dispersal of 21 Cows & 10 Heifers

                     -Bred Red Angus to start Calving on April 1st


Robert Murray -  45 Black Heifers  — Bred Black Angus


Z Bar Angus-  8 Young Red Angus Cows — Bred Red Angus June 6th

                     -4 Young Black Angus Cows — Bred Black Angus June 6th


Brandyn Paulgaard  – 16 TWF Heifers   –Bred Red Angus June 21st

                     -All shots in the Spring



December 20, 2017 — Bred Heifer & Stock Cow Sale

X Anchor Bar Ranch (Dennis Simard)  – 55 Simmental/ Simmental Cross Heifers

                                                                         - Bred Red Angus June 1





Erik Levitt - 20 Black Heifers. 1st Calvers.  Bred to Red Shorthorn Bull

                      - 9 Reds  3yrs old. 2nd Calvers.  Bred to Peterson Black Angus Bull

                      - 2 Red    4yrs old. 2nd Calvers.  Bred to Peterson Black Angus Bull

             - All Bulls Turned out July 1st and Pulled September 30th. Full herd health every year.






Three G Cattle Co. - 250 Blk & BWF Heifers

                     -Bred Black Angus July 8th for 65 Days


Russell Sword  – 8 Second Calvers & 4 Mature Cows

                             – Bred to Black Bulls May 20th


LPJ Schmidt Farms -

                     -15 Charolais Cross Heifers Bred Red Angus June 6th

                     -20 Charolais Cross Cows Bred Charolais June 7th




Steve Ramsay- Everything has received IBR, PI3 & Ivomec

                     -10 Black Heifers   Bred Blk Angus — Start Calving April 1st

                     -10 Red & Blk 2nd Calvers  Bred Blk Angus & Charolais — Start Calving April 1st

                     -10 Red & Blk Mature Cows  Bred Blk Angus & Charolais — Start Calving April 1st


Derek Sutter- Pyramind 5 with PreResponse   Ivomec this fall

                     -34 Red & Blk Cows  Bred Blk Simmental July 10th for 60 Days




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