Provost Livestock Exchange Market Report // 

Provost Livestock Exchange Market Report // 

Provost Livestock Exchange Market Report // 

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Market Report Week of12/01/2023

Number of Cattle Sold2821

Presort Price ListPresort-December-1-2023.pdf

D1 & D2 Cows

118.00 to 133.00

D3 & D4 Cows

95.00 to 117.00

Feeder Cows

122.00 to 138.00

Bulls (<2000 lbs) Low

110.00 to 145.00

Bulls (>2000 lbs) Low

105.00 to 169.00

We had 2821 head at Provost Livestock today. The cow and bull trade was roughly $5 stronger this week.
The Feeder cattle all sold at steady to $10 higher on some classes.
Don't miss our bred Heifer and Cow sale this Wednesday at noon.
I'd like to make a special note of the charity calf that was donated and sold today at PLE with all proceeds going towards a great cause.
Its a privilege to do business in such a supportive community.