Welcome to Provost Livestock Exchange


Please be sure to CALL to book your cattle in!

(780) 753-2369

Please fill out manifests for Feeder cattle separate from Cows&Bulls -Thank You

All Presorts are broadcasted on DLMS. Make sure you register on DLMS prior to sale day.

You can do this by going to the link below.
If you need assistance call 780-554-4939

Provost Livestock Exchange is located in the progressive town of Provost, Alberta, which is 85 miles south of Lloydminster. Provost Livestock Exchange handles over 90,000 head of cattle a year, and the five fieldmen cover the market needs of Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan. Fridays are regular sale days with buyers and sellers from Alberta and Saskatchewan congregating at Provost, making Friday the busiest day of the week for the town’s merchants.